i am from His thought first 
here by purpose not chance 
even though mama say at 38,
 “you were a great surprise i thought i was through.”
i am from fall colors and ivy league halls
from being the youngest but loudest of all 
i am from north where sounds of blackness were muted
the only one 
eleven years didn’t know i was black until north went south
i am from the land of cotton tobacco 
i am from ‘i do not know how to talk black i only learned English’ 
i am from trying to fit in to feeling left out
from believing the hype of what “blackness” is about
i am from sister, daughter, mother, wife but still a girl dealing with life
i am from peaceful skies that want to serve 
to loving man when undeserved.
i am from African roots and Cherokee trails
a culture that created a women that say, “Please don’t touch my hair!”
i am from momma’s womb 
a studio of sorts if you please
cause momma’s 
are the only ones to create priceless works of art who think, feel, and breath.
i am from His though first 
here by purpose not chance Welcome “I’m down to earth but I have a high calling and love living this life I was given.”